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Security for commercial property

Lock security for your Downtown Miami, FL business can be effective, affordable and available 24/7. All it takes to get it is some thoughtful planning and attention on your part. It doesn’t matter what kind of commercial operation you own or manage, using smart technology and basic common sense can go a long way toward making your establishment safer and more secure. Our in house Reliable Locksmith & Safe staff offers these tips to help protect your firm including staff, building, inventory, customers and vendors.

Location security

Every business operates from somewhere. Some locations have heavy foot traffic like restaurants, retail stores, apartment buildings, office buildings, medical clinics, grocery stores, gas stations, car dealerships, etc.

Some firms have only limited foot traffic or even none at all. Doctor’s offices, consultants, realtors, contractors, warehouses and work at home entrepreneurs often have few daily visitors. Whether your company attracts crowds of shoppers or you do most of your work online, your business location demands good security not only for yourself but for your computers, fixtures, records and intellectual property.


Anyone that works for you can reasonably expect to be safe at their job. From inventory takers to cubicle workers, no one wants to feel like their workplace is a safety risk. You’ll get happier staff and more production out of employees that feel and actually are safe from burglars, unwanted intruders, vagrants and panhandlers.


No one wants to shop or do business in a place where they feel unsafe or threatened. Businesses are places where goods or services are sold and money in some form or other is exchanged. Here in Downtown Miami, this is especially true. Patrons of local businesses want a well-lit, safe place to shop, eat or do business at and not have to dodge crooks, vagrants or homeless people begging or bothering them in any way.

Commercial locksmith expertise

A good commercial locksmith can help with all of the above. Reliable Locksmith & Safe and other local lock and key shops offerfull service, round the clock expertise that can help your business get and stay more secure. Whether you use our licensed, bonded and insured professionals or technicians from another source, always work with a qualified and trusted lock expert to maximize your company’s security and protection.

Is locksmith service a cost or investment?

You can look at commercial grade locksmith service two ways. One is that it’s a cost and money out of your pocket. This can be hard to justify when you are in business to make money and every dollar counts. You might even think “nothing has happened to me or my business that warrants this expense!” and be tempted to simply do without adequate lock protection.

Or, you can view professional locksmith service as an investment in your business profession much like your insurance coverage or choice of a good location. Keep in mind that absence of a problem doesn’t guarantee safety for you or your company so it’s best to take every precaution and view quality commercial locksmith service as an investment and an asset! Keep in mind; many improvements and additions you make to your business are indeed tax write-offs so take advantage of this bonus and make any needed upgrades while saving receipts, warranties, owner’s manuals and records for your staff and bookkeepers to work with and use.

High Security Locks

High security locks sound impressive and they are! Your security is really only as good as the locks on your door and with these specialty locks you no longer have to worry about lock bumping, lock picking, prying, smashing or even blasting! You simply contact your favorite lock hardware specialist and tell them of your needs. Most commercial locksmiths offer a vast range of sturdy, high security locks made of solid brass and not of hollow tin like most common locks.


Deadbolts look simple and unassuming, but they are worth the investment. A good commercial deadbolt adds a strong second line of defense against burglars, intruders or anyone that is trying to gain unauthorized access to your shop or office. Intruders want easy and fast access to your goods, cash or inventory and DON’T want to be held up by a bothersome deadbolt that could buy you time to call police, security or even arm yourself.


Strongly consider video surveillance for your business. Of course, if you work alone as an artist, you probably don’t need CCTV, but if you deal with cash, heavy foot traffic or numerous inventory items you might find that having security cameras can be most helpful. CCTV is known to cut down on theft, shoplifting, pilfering and other problems. Being able to monitor your store, restaurant or other business lets both staff and customers alike know that you are serious about security and the thought of being “captured on tape” is a huge crime deterrent.

Keyless entry systems

Replacing your keys with badges, swipe cards, key codes and number sequences can be a real boon for your business. Having keyless entry at your firm can help keep track of staff, customer flow and secured areas, and when combined with video surveillance it can be a useful way to provide tighter security for everyone from upper management to routine staff and even visitors.

Biometric locks

These are a form of keyless entry as no keys are used. Instead, thumbprints that are recognized by the keypad authorize access to rooms, laptops, mobile devices, vaults, restricted areas and safes. Like other forms of access control, biometric locks offer better and more advanced technology without blowing your security budget.

Save money

One smart way to save money AND make your business safer is to use a qualified commercial locksmith instead of hiring a security company and paying middle man fees. Commercial locksmiths keep up with the latest trends and advancements in lock technology, security and crime. With convenient mobile service, 24-hour access and skilled and experienced technicians, your business can attain new levels of security and protection.