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Reliable Locksmith & Safe: Rekey or Replace Locks

All over the world, people need property protection. People need locks, and they need locks that work. In some cases, you will end up needing to change out your locks with brand new ones, whether it’s because you had a break in, or because the locks are just completely malfunctioning to the point that they are unsafe to use. It can be difficult to know, in certain situations, if it is a better idea to rekey your locks or to completely replace them. But don’t worry, because this is where Reliable Locksmith & Safe has offered their expertise. They service the Downtown Miami, FL area but this information will still be useful for anyone. Have a look if you are in the midst of considering replacing or rekeying your locks. Hopefully, this will offer the guidance you need to make the appropriate decision for your property. Remember, security should always be at the top of your to-do list, no matter how busy you might be. You always need to have locks that work, whether you have a residential property or commercial property. And of course, your vehicle needs to stay protected as well.

If your locks are falling apart, replace them.

Look for signs that your locks are failing to function correctly. Worn out locks could mean that your key must be inserted at numerous different angles to get it to work. A piece of the lock can break, causing the entire thing to malfunction. If you can see that the lock is falling apart, just have it replaced. New lock installation tends to be an affordable service offered by locksmiths everywhere.

Did you move into a new house? Consider lock replacement.

If you’re moving into a new property, even if it is one that wasn’t previously occupied, it is a wise idea to replace the locks. Just think about how many people likely had access to this property. Contractors might have been in and out. Realtors might have been in and out. And they could have brought other people with them. If you won’t replace the locks, then certainly have them rekeyed. If in doubt, ask an expert what they recommend based off of your specific situation. If they tell you that rekeying the locks is okay, then this is an affordable solution you should definitely take advantage of.

If someone new is moving in, consider rekeying the locks.

Do you happen to be a landlord who rents your property out, or a room? Think about rekeying your locks. Basically, this will entail having the pins and springs removed in the lock cylinder. They will then be replaced with new springs and pins, and these will work with a different key. If you have given your spare key out to a tenant who is leaving, imagine how many people could have ultimately gotten their hands on that key. Maybe the tenant made a copy of the key so that they would have more than one, too. Just be sure to rekey your locks so you are still able to maintain control, but you can know that the property is safe to use.  

Have new locks installed if someone broke into your property.

There are so many reasons to have your locks replaced after a break in. For one, the lock might never work correctly again if it was tampered with. But if a person made their way into your property, who knows what they could have done. In addition to stealing from you, they could have grabbed a spare key that you forgot was sitting around. It is always a good idea after a break in to replace your locks completely.

Did you lose a key? Rekey those locks!

Don’t let a person have the chance to find your key and lose it, if you happened to misplace it. Rekey your locks so that no one is able to get back in. Rekeying your locks will mean that the inside of the locks are different, and they will no longer work with the old key.

If you are ready to rekey or replace your locks, call a locksmith!

If you have made the decision that you are ready to take action and have your locks changed or even rekeyed, find a reputable expert in your area to do the job. The average person won’t know how to rekey a lock, and they won’t have the expertise to properly install a new lock so that it is fully functional. If you’d prefer to not have to worry about locks that require the use of physical keys, then you can look into other options such as keyless entry. Again, this is something that an expert will be able to help you out with.

It is important to hire a service provider that you know you can count on. Keep in mind that if you make the decision to hire a locksmith to rekey your locks, they will also be able to see the condition of the locks. If they see that something is really wrong with your lock upon closer inspection, heed their advice when they say that a replacement is the better option. Remember, they work with locks and keys on a day to day basis.

There are some brands out there that make locks which can be rekeyed by the property owner, without the expertise and professional/specific tools. But you should bear in mind that if you decide to buy a lock that can be rekeyed by a novice, it might not provide the same level of security that another lock would. Reliable Locksmith & Safe rekeys and replaces locks on a regular basis and can answer any questions that locals in Downtown Miami, Florida might have. If you are living elsewhere in the country, reach out to a local locksmith in your area for guidance. Remember that if you are thinking of rekeying or replacing your locks, then you likely need to do one or the other. If the thought is there, that might mean that there is a problem. So make sure to take care of your locks!